Learning to LOVE the tempo’s…

By Coach Shawn

In our GROUP Fitness classes we are in a training phase that is incorporating a lot more controlled eccentrics.

Lowering this movement for x seconds…

Then the next one for x seconds….

For multiple sets.

Wildly challenging when slowing down.

But, How does this benefit us?

Outside of the obvious – better movement control, stability, demand on our core…

It fits beautiful for better hypertrophy (aka muscle building) – more time under tension for muscle groups!

The hidden fruit here is we are doing a MAJOR service to our joints.

Heavy slow resistance is the holy grail of tendon health, ligament and joint integrity.
Not to mention muscle development.

So as grueling as those slow 4 second front squats for reps can be,

or those 3 second RDL’s for reps of 8 in LIFE class…

(not to mention how sore that can have us be the next couple days 🙂)

We are dropping deposits into the bucket of longevity every-single-time.

And while you may want to curse me out in the moment, your body is thanking you.

So enjoy getting stronger, building muscle and aiding in your longevity.

All at the same time.

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