Just Show Up: Building Compounding Health

Zoomed in View: 

“I must get stronger, fitter, faster every single day. 

And if I don’t I am doing something wrong. I’m failing. I am not good enough.” 

“If I miss a day, or a week I’ve lost all my gains.”

“If I don’t use all my classes of my membership, I’m wasting money.”

The reality:

We’re not looking to get stronger, fitter, faster and better every single day.  

  • You can and will have off days. 
  • You can and will perform better on some days than others. 
  • You will not lose your gains missing a class here, or a week there. 
  • You are not wasting money by hitting the gym 9x instead of 12 in a month. 
  • You’re experiencing and balancing life’s demands while building health. 

And your overall long term health, strength and fitness is at the core of your longevity. 

The Real View: 

Compounding wealth built in the Stock market over time. 

If you were to look at the history of the stock market from when it started to today, and pull out any given day, there’s a 50% chance that it is up or down.

50% chance. 

What that means in the gym is, on any given day in here you can feel good or feel bad.

Any given day.

We EXPECT ourselves to always feel good and keep outperforming ourselves. 

We expect our weight to stay the same, body to always feel good, not get a tweak and see our strength numbers always climb up. 

That’s not how it works in reality. 

At any time, 

  • your nutrition is off,
  • you traveled, 
  • you got sick, 
  • you didn’t get good sleep, 
  • you under ate, 
  • you’re stressed beyond belief and your cortisol is affecting you, 
  • you had a baby, 
  • you lost someone in your life,
  • you got fired, 
  • you got divorced, 
  • you are going through something difficult personally,
  • you drank too much, 
  • you tweaked a body part or injured something.

Insert any number of factors. 

And we easily get caught up in the day to day. 

Attach our worth to our day to day performance or in relation to our peers. 

Constantly comparing where we “should” be. 

And we lose sight and feel unsatisfied. 

Back to the stock market.

If we view the stock market over the course of a year, it’s up 60% of the time.

Meaning we’re looking for you to get a little bit better year after year. 

Factoring in, you will have good days and will have bad days. 

And if you look at the stock market across a decade, any decade…It’s up 100% of the time. 

Meaning if you stick with this, 
not being over emotional, 
not letting emotions dictate the way you invest, 
but just staying consistent, 
keep showing up, 
putting money in the market,
Whether it’s down or it’s up, 
over the course of a decade, 
…you’re up 100% of the time. 

Zooming out:

What we’re looking for is a consistent upward trend, year over year. 

Across decades. 

Accepting the good AND the bad days along the way. 

Thinking in years not in days. 

Compounding our interest. 

That’s how you build wealth,


That’s how you build health. 

Coach Shawn 

*inspired from a speech from Ben Bergeron. 

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