How JD hits his FOOD goals while working 12-14 hour days…

JD is a beloved member of Railroad since 2018.

Who has lost over 100lbs through eating better and consistent exercise since he began at Railroad.

He’s a former collegiate football player and is now a Police Officer who can have long work days up to 12-14 hour shifts.

The long shifts, unpredictable demands of the job could throw anyone off course.

That is if you let it.

JD strives to keep his protein intake high to preserve lean muscle tissue, stay satiated (full) and avoid over eating empty calories like candy. 

Cause he’s human and that’s his weakness!

In a recent conversation about his eating while on the job he pointed out how he PRIORITIZES and adapts to stay on track towards his goals.

Often times making the best viable decision.

At times making the best decisions he can at a gas station food. Whether it be jerky, a protein shake and fruit or a protein bar over pizza, chips, endless sandwiches or hitting up the fast food lane on the regular cause it’s quick, cheap and convenient.

His goal was to highlight even with a sporadic schedule, long hours, unpredictable job demands and unknowns, there is always time to give attention to your nutrition.

That it doesn’t need to be perfect.

But with attention and commitment your health can stay a priority.

Watch his story HERE:

Thank you JD!

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