New Mom Loses 4lb…without training and with A BROKEN ANKLE…

by Coach Shawn


Aisha wasn’t happy with herself.

She had no fitness routine or structure and wasn’t working out.

She wasn’t happy about her current health and her weight.

She was a recent new mom to a little boy.

And she felt she was losing herself.

Ready for a Change

Working next door to Railroad, Aisha would see members walking in and out to the gym.

And at times working out outside.

As a recent new mom, she didn’t want this to be the road she traveled down and taught her son.

Inspired by the diversity of the community and was fired up from watching the workouts that were done outside Aisha reached out to get started.

Aisha was ready.

Ready to take control of her health.

Getting Started

She called us✅

Scheduled and had a FREE consultation with a Coach ✅

Went through 6 Personal Training Sessions✅


Broke her ankle in an accident at home 😫😫😫

Quit or Adapt?

Losing momentum is not easy.

This setback would halt all movement for Aisha.


👋Did a sprained ankle hold Aisha back?

Absolutely not!

That didn’t stop her.

She took this as an opportunity to improve in the area she’d been struggling with most…


So she pivoted to Customized Nutrition Coaching for the next 2 months while her ankle healed.

In the 2 short months (and through the holidays) with no training/exercise Aisha has successfully:

🔥Lost 4 lbs of body fat.

🔥Feels better than she has previously.

🔥Building healthier habits.

🔥Is committing to herself and her health.

Back at training- the smart way…

Once her foot healed and she got clearance from her Doctor, she added in Personal Training.

She knew her Coach would build a customized plan to safely integrate her back into load bearing and resistance training.

Paired with her Nutrition improvements, after a month of training Aisha’s results are racing in:

🔥She’s gained 4 lbs of muscle

🔥Feels strong and safe in her body again

🔥Feels accomplished and PROUD leaving her sessions

🔥Is committed to her journey, no matter what obstacles or challenges comes her way

Creating a solution within the problem.

Aisha is on her way to creating real & lasting change.

She created momentum and then experienced a setback.

How she handled the setback furthered her progress versus backsliding her.

👏We are PROUD and INSPIRED by Aisha!

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