Flu Bomb

By Coach Shawn

It’s that time of year. Colds, flu’s and the spread happens quick and easily.

I wanted to share with you all the Flu bomb drink – 

a natural immunity booster. 

My Experience:

After not feeling well this past Sunday going into Monday I stumbled upon this drink in my research of “how to beat sickness as fast as possible.” (Go ahead and laugh at me!)  

Not only did it taste good – it decreased my symptoms and my sickness faded fast after it. 

I wanted to share it with you all here! 


The flu bomb drink helps boost the immune system against the viruses that cause the common cold or flu while preventing viral complications through enhancing the immune response. 

Sip this flu bomb tea throughout the day to prevent catching the flu or as a complementary aid if you already caught it. 

It’s the best drink with lemon garlic and ginger you can make at home for you and your kids!


Cut up about an INCH of GINGER 

Then place in an empty glass jar or coffee mug. 


BOIL water. 


Cut up a garlic clove and let it sit for 10 min 

Allowing crushed garlic to “stand” for 10 min before exposing to heat (for a just 1 minute) prevents the total loss of its beneficial activity.

STEP 4: 

Once the water is boiling, pour it over the Ginger in your mug or jar.

Let th sit for 10 minutes (while your garlic is also sitting for 10 min)

STEP 5: 

Cut up ½ a fresh lemon.


After 10 minutes, add the GARLIC and squeeze the lemon into your jar. 


Add 1 large tablespoon of local raw honey or manuka honey.

STEP 8: 

Mix and drink!

This basic ginger lemon garlic drink with added herbs and honey is warm and soothing for your throat. 

It keeps you hydrated while supporting the body to fight the pathogens.

For more on the flu bomb drink check out:

& if you like, feel free to pass this on to those you know and love

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