Ebbs and flows

By Coach Shawn

Very much like in life our training and how we feel overall will have ebbs and flows.

Days, weeks, months, we can hit a stride, feel incredible and be in a really good rhythm we love. 

Feel our best, feel happy with how we look, are performing and our habits outside the gym.

Other times, we may encounter setbacks, challenges, not feel our best, get sick or are as not as consistent as we would like.

We don’t perform or look or feel our best.

In combination, these all are a part of the journey. Entirely natural and normal. 

There will be times we feel stronger there will be times we feel weaker.

There will be times we feel fitter they’re all times we feel less fit and we once were.

There will be times we like how we look a little more and times we like it a little less.

That’s the deal with ebbs and flows.

And if you’re in a stride you like take a note of all the things you’re doing you like that work well for you and make you feel good.

And when you’re off, take the same mental inventory of what’s not where you like.

Decide what you need to change, what you will commit to improve and change and give yourself the same grace and compassion you’d give anyone else you love.

In your actions and in your self talk. 

Ebbs and flows all a part of our journey.

We can’t appreciate the highs without the lows.

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