Want Success? Begin With This…

To be successful with our health and fitness we have to build discipline.

Building our discipline muscle is crucial to our continued progress and success in our health and fitness. 


Because we all can fall victim to following “what I feel like doing.”

And if we’re honest, most of us either have or begin with lacking in discipline.

One thing we all have to continually overcome is:
Am I going to do what I feel like doing?
Am I going to choose to do the things that I need to do to accomplish the goal & visions I have. 

We’ve all been there:

“I don’t feel like doing that.”

And if we only listen to this voice we won’t get where we want to.  

Or even become more of who we want to.

Because the human brain seeks constant comfort. Seeks survival. 

We have build the habit of making decisions based on what we want to accomplish, want to do and what we are committed to.

And for that to stick it has to be important to us. 

And as we begin to build that discipline we will feel the tremendous benefits it offers.

However, something we must understand with discipline is we will never arrive at place where we do not have to work at it anymore.

Things will get easier as we build the muscle & our habits but our discipline will always be put to the test.



  • Cold winter mornings are coming and our minds can tempt us to stay in bed under the covers and skip our workout.
  • That tempting unhealthy food that’s brought in to work for lunch over the meal you brought in.
  • The long day we had at work with endless challenges has the couch become appealing in our minds over going to the gym to release that energy.

Whether it’s from our own self, our thoughts and choices.

The people the around us…influencing us.

Or even the advertising, marketing, commercials and strategic attempts to plant seeds or desires…

Our discipline will always be put to the test.

What an amazing opportunity for us to not only build discipline but to continually prove to ourselves we can do difficult things. We are strong. We are resilient. This is who we are.

Because if we want to become the strongest, happiest, healthiest version of ourselves we must continually build that discipline muscle. 

And commit to it.

That’s part of our process to becoming and staying our healthiest selves.

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