December 2023 Collection: Coaches Chat

Join Coaches Shawn & Abby as they come together, chat and unpack all things from food, travel, training, common questions and more.

Laugh, relate and learn as we dive into various topics together!

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

We get into a wide array of of topics including: What do you say to yourself during a hard workout?

How to progress appropriately when coming back from an injury?

Whats the journey of progress for a member from starting out to years?

Episode 3:

This one is full of gems! Including:

-Some Rapid Fire Q + A

-January 2024 Nutrition Kickstart

-What it takes to really create change in your body?

-Nutrition Client Success Stories

-Ideal training day?

-Common Fitness Question…

“I’m sore what should I do?”

“Should I ALWAYS warm up?”

“What’s better, lifting weights or cardio?”

Pregnancy and Working out

•Should I train when sick?

•The factors outside the gym that affect inside the gym.

•Lifting from your ego,

•What factors influence week to week performance & strength fluctuations,

•Should You Hit Failure over and over in a single session? & what happens if you do?

•Are Juice Cleanse worth it?

•Benefits of a Water only fast?

•Getting results in less time…30 min x2-3 week = transformation?

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