Dawn’s Nutrition Coaching Success Story.

All Aboard The Struggle Bus

In April of this year Dawn emailed me about not feeling comfortable working out in the gym setting anymore.

She had been training remotely with us and was hesitant to come back to workout with her friends.

Her reasoning?

“Slight lack of confidence and embarrassing weight gain.”

In some follow up questions I asked her what she’s struggling with here’s what she had to say:

“What am I struggling with the most right now? This is the hardest one to answer…

I think my biggest struggle at the moment is nutrition. I know what to eat. I plan what to eat. I may even eat what I plan out and then… I grab the bad stuff minutes after I tell myself ‘no”. I go to bed every single night saying “I will do better tomorrow”. 

I know poor eating sabotages my desire to get my workouts in… it’s like.. well, you messed up with food today so what’s the point of working out. You know you can’t outwork a poor diet is what they say. I know that’s crazy thinking.

So, I’m thinking the nutrition problem has snowballed into a HUGE problem…. Including (but not limited to) gaining 15 pounds and affecting my workouts.

What are my current goals? 

  • -First and foremost is getting back on track with my workouts. I totally miss the consistency.
  • -I need to figure out how to take control of my nutrition.
  • -I would love to get fit enough to be able to play tennis AND do my workout on the same day if I need to.

Lots of times tennis games pop up on a workout day…then I find myself pushing my workouts to the next day or not at all.

I get behind on them and miss some. I don’t like that. I always feel my best when I workout.”

This was then.

Let’s fast forward to 5 months later.

Commitment + Consistency = Results

At 60 years old, here is Dawn’s 5 month Metric change via Nutrition Coaching at a glance: 

  • -11 lbs Total Weight Lost 
  • -10lb Body Fat Lost 
  • -4% Body Fat lost
  • Preserved all the lean muscle she started with. 

Aka the weight she lost came from losing unwanted body fat. 

She’s extremely consistent with her 3 days of fitness & Tennis.

She is often playing tennis and able to do her workouts in the same day (goal achieved!)

Most importantly, she has regained control of her nutrition.

We recently sat down and asked her some questions on her journey…

Question 1: What were your biggest struggles with nutrition before we began working together and how were they affecting your life?


My biggest struggle before reaching out for help with nutrition was how tough I was on myself while in this obvious crisis with my nutrition.

The negativity towards myself was overpowering and overwhelming to say the least. 

This negativity did nothing to help me turn things around. I told myself day after day “you know what to eat, just do it”. 

Yet every night I would go to bed saying “I’ll do better tomorrow”. 

My poor diet started to affect my workouts. 

I wasn’t performing as well as I knew I could and I was missing too many workouts. 

It was like a snowball effect… the more workouts I missed the worse I felt and the worse I ate.

Crazy times, for sure!

I gained nearly 15 pounds over last winter. 

I did not like how I looked and started to isolate more than usual. 

Finally, I realized I needed help and took the steps to get the help by signing up for the nutrition program at Railroad. Whew!

Question 2: How do you feel now, after 5+ months of nutrition habit focused coaching and accountability – & how has that affected your life?


After 5+ months of nutrition coaching I feel better equipped with knowledge and self awareness to navigate nutrition more positively. 

  • I know what to eat. 
  • I know how to eat before and after workouts. 
  • I know how important protein is.
  • I know how to be kinder to myself.
  • I know how much effort and commitment it takes to lose 1 pound of fat.

I am feeling more in control and happier.

Question 3: 

What would you say is one of your biggest takeaways from 5 months in the nutrition coaching program?


I think my biggest take-aways from the nutrition coaching program are…

  • ~ It may not be a straight line to your goals
  • ~Your goals may change during the process
  • ~Your commitment and effort is what gets results
  • ~Be kind to yourself 
  • ~Positivity is KEY

Question 4:

What are you most proud of or happiest with in regards to nutrition?


I’m happy I lost body fat while maintaining all my muscle on the program.

I’m even happier knowing I am equipped to make better nutrition choices to continue toward my goals without being tough on myself for slip ups.

Thank you for everything, Shawn!

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