Blog: From Inconsistent to down 50lbs…

Neil, 42 y/o, has been training at our gym for years.

Self-admitted, has always been heavier most of his life. 

He was that guy that would drink an absorbent amount of beers. 


Easily over eat. 

Across the years Neil had worked with a few of our Coaches in the area of Nutrition. 

Making progress. 

And other times, backsliding. 

Something was missing for Neil. 

I knew what it was;

It was a true commitment to healthy eating habits. 

Before We Do This…

When Neil and I began working together earlier this year, I delivered that very message to Neil. 

His body fat was in a range that scared me of his health. 

He has a little son and I want him to be around for his son. 

I know too much fatty tissue around visceral organs for long durations is a recipe for trouble.

So I was very straight forward with Neil about the commitment to his health (not just weight loss) he would need to make. 

His response? 

Neil committed. 

Commitment changed Neil’s Life.

Neil has become the standard. 

He even created his own excel sheet tracking which includes a full run down of his calories, protein, carb and fat numbers, a notes section for me to see if he worked out, went out with his friends, any general feeling in there. 

He chose that. He took his commitment to that level. 

Together we isolated particular habits to radically improve his health, weight, self esteem and lifestyle choices around nutrition. 

Today, Neil is down around 250lbs (-50lbs from 300lbs).

  • He’s the lightest he’s ever been – almost at his High School weight. 
  • He’s also the strongest he’s ever been. 
  • He no longer grabs a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast. 
  • He no longer drinks 20+ beers on the weekend.
  • He is extremely forward thinking and consistent in nutrition.

He’s educated. Accountable  and his results speak for themselves. 

Members are constantly telling me how great he looks. 

You can see it on him. 

The credit goes to Neil.

I am his guide, the captain of the ship. 

He’s the one who asked for help.

He’s the one who commits and follows through on his habits.

Neil also realizes and acknowledges he needs accountability, support and education from a Coach.

He simply wasn’t succeeding and getting consistent results on his own. 

And while Neil’s made tremendous progress and shed ample weight and body fat – there is still more work to be done. 

Can you relate to aspects of Neil’s story? Or Matt’s from yesterday?  
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