A healthy life is one centered around…

A healthy life is one centered around longevity.

Longevity is built upon daily habits and daily choice.  

Active choices. 

Being an active participant. 

And each new day, to quote the fabulous Joan Hunt, you must “create it.” 

So it becomes a lifestyle.

Longevity focused is the foundational principle of how we approach the macro and micro within our programming and training.

Even down to our daily coaching process.

Creating a place, a club, a special environment that cares not only about the you of today but the future you of tomorrow. 

So we can all age better. 

And in doing so, enjoy more out of life. 

What makes up some of this? 

  • Having full body strength in your legs, your arms, your back, your core. 

  • Having access to the most range of motion you can possess.
  • Working to maintain a strong core.
  • Possessing stamina and a growing base in cardiorespiratory & overall conditioning. 
  • Even down to something as simple as your foot speed.

We care about foot speed at Railroad. 

Because foot speed matters.

It matters at every age, especially the older we are and get

The ability to get the feet underneath you faster.

It could be the difference of preventing a fall. 

Which could lead to a break. 

Which could lead to a major decline physically, mentally and emotionally.

Something as subtle as foot speed matters from both a safety and a performance standpoint.

We train something as ‘nuance’ as foot speed ait at Railroad at every age. 


Because it improves our 

  • reaction time, 
  • balance, 
  • coordination,
  • timing,
  • and reduces the overall risk for injury.

We work to rewrite that old narrative so many live of 

“I’m just old”…
“You wait til your my age.” 

These are stories we can all re-write into something more empowering and powerful.

You have to be an active participant in the aging process though.

And you don’t have to wait until you’re older to start that.

We live it, train it and center around it each day. 

Because physical Freedom is earned.

Each day.

Through each action. 

Each step.

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