1 on 1 Nutrition Coaching Success Story

Do you know how many calories are in 1 beer? 

=There are approximately 154 (empty) calories in 1 beer. 

Do you know how many calories are in 90 beers? 

= 13,860 (empty) calories. 

These are the amount of beers (and calories) Neil would regularly consume over the month of January during football season. 

His weight had skyrocketed up to over 300lbs. 

He was grabbing breakfast to go daily: bagel and cheese. Sausage, bacon, egg and cheese.

Dinner? He’d go off the rails. Which would also include late night snacking. Lots of cheese. Lots of drinking. Weekend eating out. 

His eating was out of control. 

Neil worked under Nutrition Coaches in the past. He went from one to the next and he’d historically lose a little weight then gain it all back. 

It wasn’t until his recent Nutrition Coach actually addressed the root that he finally committed and began to change. 

This is what’s possible within 1-on-1 Ongoing Nutrition Coaching. 

Current day? 

-25 pounds in 7 months. 
-20 pounds of body fat mass. 20 p-o-u-n-d-s!!
-6% body fat lost

“I feel incredible. I’m the lightest I’ve been since High School.”


His whole mentality has shifted.

He worked hard and with support weeded out poor patterns, behaviors and ways of thinking in regards to nutrition.  And with consistent accountability, guidance and support Neil has built lasting healthy habits and strategies.

Life changing Strategies:

Strategies that helped him come out through the past holiday season 

(in a maintenance period not even a deficit) weighing the same weight. NO weight gain. 

Were there some cookies or zags in there? 

Of course. 

Strategies and habits that helped him make better choices when visiting his sick father in Massachusetts and the onslaught of emotions that come from bad news with family.

Strategies and habits that have helped him plan, prepare and hit his targets while his partner doesn’t necessarily watch or care for what she eats. 

Strategies, tools and habits that have helped him make healthier choices while eating out to still stay on track towards his goals. 

And strategies and habits that this past season of football do you know how many beers he drank? 


He didn’t even want any. 

He still had a massive superbowl party too and he contributed a protein dense crockpot fish concoction so he could STILL stay on track while enjoying some snacks and foods he doesn’t eat anymore. 

Neil now has self control.

No Meds for Neil.

He brought his In body to his doctor who was THRILLED as his weight and fat loss and applauded what he’s doing. The same doctor who before he began working with his Nutrition Coach – wanted to put him on meds. 

There is no endpoint here with Neil. 


And his commitment to himself has COMPLETELY changed. 

Even when finances got tough through the holidays and his job no longer offered a bonus and he couldn’t get his son a ton of Christmas gifts, he didn’t cancel his nutrition Coaching. 

Do you know why? 

It’s his commitment to his son. 

To his wife. 

To himself. 

Without his health where he was heading he was running the risk of not even being here. 

This is what’s available in 1 on 1 Nutrition Coaching. 

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